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The Wolf Full Moon in Cancer

The first Full Moon of 2022!

Why is it called the Wolf Moon?

Each month and its moon have specific personalities based on the actions of Mother Nature. Ancient people from various cultures started observing the movements of the earth and sky; it became obvious that certain months shared the same features year after year. The name given to the Full Moon differs by region and can be known for different names. The Full Moon represents the conclusion of a cycle and the beginning of a new one; a progression into the next phase and the next season of life.

January’s Full Moon is thought to have been known as the Wolf Moon because wolves were more likely to be heard howling at this time. Traditionally, it was believed that wolves howled due to hunger during winter, but we now know that wolves howl for many other different reasons.

It is known that the phases of the Moon affect us, and the Full Moon being the most influential. The effects of the Moon are different for everyone. What is important is understanding its impact on us and the insights we gain about ourselves during these times. Because of our modern busy lives, too often we forget the importance of the Moon phases and our direct connection to nature.

Full Moon in Cancer

It’s the first Full Moon of 2022 intuitive sign of Cancer. The Moon feels most at home and loves to be in the sign of Cancer, since it is naturally ruled by the Moon.

The Full Moon peaks on January 17, but we can begin to feel the Full Moon about three days before it arrives. During this time that we can tap into the build up of its energy, then as the Full Moon departs we then can begin to settle into the energies of whatever arose.

Emotions might be high due to the sensitive nature of Cancer - I am a Cancer myself, I know, *sigh*

There may be a heaviness in the air which means we have to take conscious effort to shake off all that feels suffocating or disempowering. The energy we feel now will all depend on how well we have been taking care of ourselves and with the planet Pluto, which is hovering close to the Full Moon, it brings its influence on the sensitive lunar energies. Pluto is the planet of power, this means our attention may be towards where we feel the most powerful and even where we feel the most powerless. This may cause us to question our current path and whether or not it feels like it aligns with our life destiny.

What to do during the Cancer Full Moon

During this Full Moon it's time to reclaim our power and recharge! Learning how to be nurturing towards ourselves is very important in order for us to welcome those waves of emotion and allowing them to be released. Know that you are not alone if you are feeling any heavy energy during this Full Moon, the Universe is here to help us release it by using the power of movement. Movement can be very healing and we may feel this even more so under the Full Moon! Dancing, running, walking, or simply standing up and shaking out your entire body from head to toe are all ways to release and free any accumulated tension or feelings of uneasiness. Remember to focus on empowering yourself and know that the Universe is on your side!

Ritual for the Cancer Full Moon

This ritual is all about releasing and reclaiming your power through movement! Set aside about 20 minutes in a safe place where you won't be disturbed.

Start off by creating a sacred space and clearing the energy, you can smoke cleanse with herbs, incense, or a candle. Once this has been done, take a moment to ground yourself. Use this time to focus on your breathing and relax your body. You can do this with the help of your favorite crystals in your hands or around you.

In this next step you will be releasing, and this can be done in the quiet or with your favorite music playing in the background. Release:

"It is safe for me to release. I release myself from any expectations I have of myself. I release the false beliefs about my worth and productivity. I release anything that is holding back my flow of creative energy. I release any ways I prevent myself from giving myself what I truly need. From all agreements, timelines, dimensions and realities"

As you read this envision the energy being released as you exhale and/or move your body. Shake it off. Make noise. Get wild. Let go!


"I am open to connecting to the medicine my soul has to show me. I allow myself to fully receive all the love of the Earth, the Moon, the Universe, and myself. I take back my power as my own. I call forth my power to return in full. I reclaim my power. I am power. I am love. I am magick."

Breath and move into the space you have created. Open yourself to receive your power, your love, your magick. Feel your body reclaiming the power and realigning.

Relax and embrace yourself. You may start to start slowing down your breathing and body, lay down and feel held by the Earth. Rest and hold yourself in love.

End the ritual with "so be it" "it is done" or something along those lines. Giving thanks to your powerful body, the Universe, and the Moon.

Rest, recharge, and be kind to yourself for the rest of the night, this is a great time to journal anything that came up.

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