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Alex has been a savior in my spiritual journey. The extensive knowledge and understanding that she shares empowers my spiritual abilities. Not only in the group & one on one sessions but most importantly independently. I had been looking for a way to connect with others but more importantly with my self. I am beyond grateful to be a part of her community.

Joanna V.

I have participated in many different circles over the last year. Alex’s have been amongst the most powerful. Her connection to source and ability to lead a community is a unique gift. The magick created during the ceremonies has allowed me to manifest and release things I haven’t been able to alone.

Naseem Z.

I have known Alex for many years now and I have watched her spiritual journey grow overtime. When she told me that she was going to start doing full moon circles, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to experience the magick she had in store. My roommate and I have done different types of full moon circles and we both feel that Alex’s resonates with us the most. Not only does she explain everything, and the energies that we will be experiencing because of each full moon cycle, but she also gives us an opportunity to do different things such as rituals or meditations. Each ritual has been different and I felt like I really got what I wanted out of each of them. Alex and I also went through reiki training together and I know that she’s going to only get better with all of her skills.

Janel H.

Given that I live in Texas, I was lucky enough to receive a tarot reading by Alex via email. I had never opted for one prior, but it’s always peaked my interest. Despite not being face-to-face, Alex made the entire process super personable. Not knowing what to expect, she walked me through her specific protocols and had me answer some formality questions beforehand to get some further insight on my situation.


Upon receiving my reading, I was nothing short of satisfied. The amount of depth to Alex’s work exceeded any expectations. I not only resonated with the cards that were pulled, but appreciated how she further elaborated on the meaning of each and gave a piece of her own wisdom in every explanation. There was a particularly special part at the very end of my reading that left me weeping with tears of fulfillment. Alex’s tarot reading brought me the peace of mind I didn’t know I needed. She is passionate, honest, and here for guidance. It was a 10/10 enlightening experience.

Kathyrn W.

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